Best old "Star Trek" films

It has to be the Undiscovered Country - The whole story is great and the scene where Kirk and Bones are wading through the snow an their escape form the Icy prison planet is so epic. The General cool too.
Gotta admit, I love the sequence at the end where the photon torpedo smashes through the Enterprise disk.

Here's a thought - when they destroy Chang's cloaked Bird of Prey - I swear they used a close up of that same exploding BoP in "Star Trek: Generations".
I will have to check that ou - it would be pretty damn lazy if that is true!
I know its just pointless nitpicking but while we are on the subject, in Generations, at the start in the Holodeck on the boat, set in about Seventeen-Ninety-Something, you can clearly see a big orange buoy in the sea.
Never saw the bouy - but thanks for the tip!

The explosion issue - love to see it verified. So far as I remember, I was under the impression the "Generations" BoP explosion is just a slightly more close up version of Chang's BoP blowing orange. It's the movement of the forward section [the head] which is particularly telling - if anyone can observe both and concentrate on that part...

Do tell me if I'm wrong, though.
One still looks good, and shows a lot of effort put into all areas. Two was good, but looks far too dated now.
But, the brain lobsters! Two was the best. So it looks dated now (and the wonderful migrating bloodstain competes with Kirsty Alley for goofy upstaging). Everything looks dated eventually.

"Z minus 1000 meters" is a stupid line, I have to admit, but the concept of the nebula fight was good stuff, and the Genesis device was a serious science fiction concept in its own right. Star Trek I was just a reprise of the "NOMAD" episode.
Two was ther greatest. 4 was hilarious. 6 was brilliantly written.
Did anyone catch the screw up in "Wrath of Khan". At the beginning when Chekov and the other captain run into Khan. Chekov immediately recognises him and then Khan uses Chekov's name. The problem is that Chekov was on the show for Khan's first appearance.
Cool, eh.

Kilroy Was Here

I really love "Wrath of Khan" and think it is the best, but I also like "Search for Spock" a great deal. "Voyage Home" is great, campy stuff, but I have to put Khan first.
I haven't seen "Nemesis" yet and am looking forward to it.
the voyage home is my favorite i think, i love them all although this one stands out above the others. I love the scene where chekov is asking people where he will be able to find "nukleer wesseles" and everyone is running away...
Have to say that Wrath of Khan was damned good... Undiscovered Country comes second - but Chang had no honour, you don't kill while cloaked!!!

Voyage Home was a little too sentimental for my liking, but with lots of great humour...

Search for Spock was fairly pointless, Final Frontier was TOTALLY POINTLESS!!! The Motion Picture, I first saw when I was a nipper, and thought it was too special effects laden!!! No real story, just something to bring the old crew back to life for the fans!!!

Just my thoughts, in my NOT SO HUMBLE opinion!!! :D
I've got to vote for "Voyage Home". Maybe not the most profound, maybe not the best storytelling. But, yes, those "nukleer wessels" were wonderful, and I loved how Spock took care of the guy on the bus, the one with the boom box. Oh, and the way Kirk's girlfriend (can't remember character name right now) thought he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic until she found out that, yes, he was from the future. It was just a fun time. Oh, and the best part: Scotty, holding up the mouse and saying: "Computer. Computer?" LMAO, and Scotty was always my favorite character in the first place.
For me its a dead tie between Wrath of Kahn and The Voyage Home. I love the action and ties to the old series that Kahn has and I love the humor and character chemistry that Voyage Home has. I honestly can't decide which is better.

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