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Hyperion, by Dan Simmons


Find My Door Into Summer
Jan 28, 2005
Ontario, Canada
I just finished Fall of Hyperion, and would like to figure a few things out about the ending, particularilly concerining the Shrike.

*Warning, for those who have not read this book, there may be spoilers*


-What was the purpose of Kassad's fight with the Shrike?
-How did Brawne turn the Shrike to glass?
-What exactly was the Shrike and Moneta's purpose?
-Why is Rachel Moneta, and what does that have to do with Merlin's sickness?
-What exactly did John Keats do to save the baby Rachel?
-Why would Het Masteen want to fly the Thorn Tree? Wasn't he a good guy?
-Could the Thorn Tree even fly? Was it not just a figment of cyberspace?

Lots of questions, hope you guy's have some answers.

P.S. is Endymion any good? Will it give answers to there questions? I've read that it is only losely based on Hyperion???


There Are Always new Things to Learn.
Jun 29, 2014
introduction to the universe of Hyperion was in the Anthology Prayers to Broken Stone, There was a story set in the universe of Hyperion.

Simmons is a one hell of a fine writer.:)
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