Blast from the Past: Invasion: Earth

The Master™

Science fiction fantasy
Apr 7, 2004
A team of miltary and scientists discover that a hostile alien force is planning to turn Earth into a breeding farm. Another alien race, the echos, tried to warn the Earth about the aliens (NDS) during the Second World War. However, only one person listened and he went off with the Echo's.

In the late 1990's a UFO is shot down with the returning man. Suddenly the a small team is left to defend the Earth. However, the ND'S had been poisioning the Earth for over 50 years and men are dying out while women could become hybrid creatures. Nothing seems able to stop the ND'S.

In the final episode a huge ND cloud sollows up land as it moves across the land. The team needs information on the void and two members enter it and die. The last resort after conventual weapons has failed is to use nuclear weapons. The series concludes with a nuclear bomb going off and we are left wondering whether the ND'S had been stopped or not.

Phyllis Logan
Role: Sqn. Ldr. Helen Knox
Paul J. Medford
Role: Nick Shay
Jonathan Dow
Role: Flt. Lt. Jim Radcliffe
Fred Ward
Role: Major General David Reece
Vincent Regan
Role: Flt. Lt. Chris Drake
Laura Harling
Role: Emma Tucker
Anton Lesser
Role: Terrell (Episodes 1-5)
Maggie O'Neill
Role: Dr. Amanda Tucker
Gerard Rooney
Role: Sgt Tuffley
Chris Fairbank
Role: Friday
Bob Barrett
Role: Flt. Lt. Stewart

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