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The_Khan said:
I urge you to give the third book a chance just as you did Homer and Milton, you will find that it is truly a high fantasy book and we have yet to read the final book in the series in order for us to see if good does triumph over evil. What do you think?

Dang. Well, since you're so polite about it...

I might as well open up the book tomorrow. But only because you said there was more fantasy and that there might be a good defeating evil ending!!!

And yes, Greek Mythology is full of tragedy, yet I love it. Why? Because there is so much fantasy involved to make me smile and wonder. Something that makes my eyes look up to the heavens instead of down in the dirt. If Martin can make his series more fantastic, then I'm with him.

The Khan: First, thank you for asking about my day on Friday. To be honest it stunk. When doing your job is dependent upon others doing theirs and they are not up to the task, your job can get a little crazy. In any case I survived ok.

Second, thank you for the previews and tell Mr. Miller that I enjoy his art. He has a way of making the image look both fantastical (if I can use a nonsense term) and realistic at the same time. I especially enjoy the fact that all the subjects seem to have emotion...often they don't and are flat and boring.

Hey, my friend, how was your weekend? I'm really happy to hear that you will give Mr. Martin's book three a try. By the end of the book you will see the fantasy elements that I mentioned to you, and I'm sure by then that you will be in agreement with me :)

I, Brian:
Hope that everything is going well. Maybe we might just take you up on your offer. We haven't planned out our conventions for next year yet, but once we do, I'll let you know and if any of them takes place near your hometown then we'll do just that. I'm also happy that you liked the illustrations.

You're welcome, my friend. I'm sorry to hear that your Friday did not go so well, but I'm guessing that you had a most enjoyable weekend. Am I right?

I will definitely tell Mr. Miller that for you. God has blessed him with an artistic gift, and if you ever happen to find yourself in a comic book store for whatever reason, please ask your retailer for the Hedge Knight issue #1 and #2, I guarantee you that you will be impressed with Mr. Miller's work. Now, that said, I need to go and practice on my stick figures, lol :)
I'm not familiar with George R. R. Martin's work at all, so I was wondering if someone who knows his work would share a little bit more about his work - what he has written, what sorts of themes he uses, like that? I'm always looking for new (to me, at least) authors to read. Thanks.
I think The_Khan IS George R.R. Martin, so I'm sure he would be able to answer your questions in a much more complete way than I could. If not, I'll see what I can do for you, Miss.



Hello littlemissattitude, I'm happy to hear that you are eager to find out more about George R.R. Martin. A Song of Ice and Fire series, is a most excellent work of fantasy that you will enjoy. There are three books so far: A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords. The fourth book A Feast For Crows will be out sometime next year. This wonderful series introduces the world of Westeros, where Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, the second most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms have died under mysterious circumstances. Robert, the King (also known as Robert the Usurper who rebelled against the Targaryens and overthrew them) travels North to his childhood friend Eddard Stark and appoints him as the new Hand. Soon Robert dies and with his death all eyes are set on the Iron Throne. As the kingdoms strive for dominance, far in the north creatures of legends and myths are stirring driving before them the Wildling Hordes and all that stand between them and the Seven Kingdoms is about 600 soldiers of the Night's Watch (consisting of liars, thieves, cowards, bastards, killers, and rapists) defending the Wall. They send urgent messages seeking for reinforcements but the minor kings of the Seven Kingdoms are too busy with their war for the Iron Throne and refuse to be be bothered with stories of myths and legends. Also a continent away, a young girl, the last of the Targaryen's who were overthown by Robert the King, prepares to reclaim the Iron Throne as well, protected by her children the only three dragons of the world, Dorthraki riders, and Unsullied, soldiers especially trained not to feel pain, this young Targaryen moves with steady purpose towards the Seven Kingdoms. Mr. Martin's characters are real and driven by their goals, you will enjoy his books.

Hey Twelve, a pleasure to speak to you again, thank you for the complement, but unfortunately, I'm not George R.R. Martin. My name is Ernst Dabel, the eldest of the Dabel Brothers who own Roaringstudios but I'm also a big fan of Mr. Martin though :)
Khan...thanks so much for the information. I'll definitely have to see if I can find some of Mr. Martin's work. I had heard of him before, but only just. As I said, I didn't know anything about his work. I'll have to get on the local library's website and check their catalog for his work. Unfortunately, my budget will not allow for buying books just now.
I urge everyone to visit the Roaring Studio's website...lots to look at and admire. (and envy)

Oh, and Ernst, what's the story behind "The_Kahn" moniker.


I am always looking for new authors and I picked up Game of Thrones a couple of weeks ago. I hope it is a good place to start.

Hey Littlemissattitude, you're welcome. How are things? When you do get a chance to read A Game of Thrones, I will be honored if I could discuss it with you on this thread :)

Hi, Gnome, hope that your day went well. Thanks for the support, Gnome, don't envy, because very soon we're going to have some wallpapers on the site, beautiful wallpapers of George R.R. Martin's the Hedge Knight and Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma that you will be able to download for yourself as well as everyone else. I will let you know when they are up on this thread, okay.

That's a very good question. How did I come up with The_Khan? Just saw a documentary on Ghengis Khan and how he conquered the world, lol, I guess I got too excited like I did after watching the Rocky series. Well, one thing led to another and hence The_Khan :)

Marianne, how are you doing? A Game of Thrones is a perfect place to start. I envy you though, wish I could read A Game of Thrones all over again with fresh eyes like yours, lol. I'm always a sucker for discussing A Song of Ice and Fire series, so I'd be honored to discuss it with you on this thread.
I just discovered that The Hedge Knight is in the one Legends book my library has. It is in book two and they have one and three. Typical. I'll have to check out the local used book store.

Lol, that's too much, that sounds like something that would happen to me, my friend :)
Hey Littlemissattitude, you're welcome. How are things? When you do get a chance to read A Game of Thrones, I will be honored if I could discuss it with you on this thread :)
Things have actually been a bit so-so today, Khan, sorry to say. But thanks for asking.

For one thing, I discovered that my local library branch doesn't own any George R. R. Martin at all. However, things are looking up because I found that other branches in our system have A Game of Thrones and I've requested it, so maybe I'll be able to read it soon. We've got a pretty lousy library system around here, but one good thing about it - you can access their card catalog and request books on the internet, and then they'll deliver them to your local branch.

Here's hoping your day was better than mine.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, my friend. But don't you worry, it will get better, believe me :)

Okay, I'll wait for you to start reading it so that we can discuss it. You know, I haven't been to the library for a long time. I've gotten so used to buying books through that I stopped going. But you know what I should start going again.

My day was good, God kept me healthy and safe as well as the rest of my family, and I will pray that your day will brighten up very soon :)
Daeron is by far my favorite so nobility in that face whatsoever.
Great costume.
I agree with Gnome. This guy seems like your average Joe. I like the fact that he has the square face and a strong jaw, and if you look you can see that he has the beginnings of a paunch. Plus, he's got big feet! He must be my!

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