Blast from the Past: Dark Skies

The Master™

Science fiction fantasy
Apr 7, 2004
Dark Skies is set in the 1960's and includes a government employee, John Loengard, and his fiance Kimberly Sayers. John's quest for the truth leads him to Majestic-12, a secret government operation (above all offices and law) dealing with extra-terrestrials. At first the show seems to be just another show about Government spies and greyliens, but look closer and you will see much deeper. The plot thickens. The Greys, it seems, are only hosts for the real aliens, called the Hive. The Hive are much more dangerous than was previously imaginable with the Greys. This horrible truth is to be kept from the American people by Captain Bach, the leader of super-secret government organization called Majestic-12. The two main characters are on the run from the alien Hive and from the Government, and their travels lead them all over the country as they learn more and learn to fear more. Many historical figures are woven into the Dark Skies story, an important part of the turbulent ambience in which the characters exist. Many bear witness to the conspiracy involving "Majestic 12."

Eric Close
Role: John Loengard
Jeri Ryan
Role: Juliet Stewart [ eps 13-20 ]
Megan Ward
Role: Kimberly Sayers
J.T. Walsh
Role: Frank Bach
Tim Kelleher
Role: Jim Steele
Conor O'Farrell
Role: Phil Albano

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