Book Hauls!

Thank you. That really is a nice selection of stories. Now I want the book. I don't recognize the titles to about 2/3 of the stories. And I like my vampires to be non-sparkly and vaguely demonic, not cuddly and moody.
Then you're in luck!

Oh, and you're welcome.

I think you can find that one 2nd hand. That's how I found my copy many years ago.

Or you could look into this one: The Vampire Archives. There is some crossover.
My Folio Society copy of The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks arrived yesterday. It was quite expensive, but this is my favourite book, so...


Slip cased, it also has six illustrations by Daniel Taylor. (I haven't opened mine, so these photos are from the Folio Society website.)
2 different books from the charity shop today.
A book on history and an Egyptian mystery.
I lacked a copy of Pyramids in my Pratchett collection and despite the non-Kirby cover I had to have it.
I always thought moths = ugly butterflies that only come out at night. :unsure: Didn't know "moths" surfaced during the day. :eek:

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