Book Hauls!

In Burntisland , Fife , Central Scotland for the day and visited Hanselled Books

Francis Firth's " Scottish Castles Photographic Memories "

" Bruce Lee The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon " Clive Hardy

" Chastise " Max Hastings . A history of The Dambusters .
From Amazon, probably not of any interest to anyone else and I'm not sure when I'm gonna get time to use it...
Postman delivered yesterday a whole bunch of stuff ordered from several different places over the last couple of weeks:

Tintin et les Cigars du pharaons
Tintin et le lac aux requins
Spirou et Fantasio - Volume 4 - Spirou et les héritiers
Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche - L'intégrale, Tome 2 -

which collects six albums in glorious black and white

and a handful of individual issues of Spirou to fill in a few gaps.

Mrs JunkMonkey's eyebrows still haven't returned to their normal altitude
Latest purchase: "May contain lies" by Alex Edmans
How stories, statistics and studies exploit our biases and what we can do about it.
Very interesting so far with just one personal niggle. When he goes off piste in a chapter on Caveman logic as an evolutionary explanation on how we developed black and white thinking. To parphrase "One million years ago our hunter ancestors had no time to rest, were forced to make snap judgements and were dead at thirty." As someone with a long interest in Paleontology it's the sort of statement that makes me roll my eyes. One only has to look at other plains predators/prey to see how much lying around they do and while a long life wasn't the norm H. heidelbergensis could live up to 45 years. That's without even considering which hominid of the period out of the several wandering around you are talking about. I could go on but it struck me as a perfect example of the black and white thinking he goes on about. I keep wondering if he did it ironically but he hasn't said so yet.
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