Book Hauls!

From Amazon today, paid for by playing games.
Library book sale today. $1.00 each.

The Didion is for my wife who is into memoir type stuff lately. The other two are for me.
Nice little haul from a charity shop, including a Lovecraft anthology at last! (Book 3). Strangely all books are arranged by colour, which makes it tricky to find something you're looking for!
All for £3

Jeso! It's spreading. I thought the Hospice shop in Fort William was the only place that went in for that kind of idiotic nonsense. It's an awful way of displaying books to sell.

Meanwhile today I found a copy of this:

in my village bookswap shed place. I adore Edward Gorey's work and this is a delight. This is a stock image from eBay. When I came to look for it just now it has vanished. My wife has probably stolen it.
I think the idea is, you spend more time in the shop so might buy something else

That particular shop does have pretensions above its station as a charity shop (though as my next door neighbour but one is wholly responsible for running the place I don't say anything) - the only thing I remember buying there in the last few years was an ancient Tintin au Congo (in French) which was a nice find.... But it's painfully hard to browse shelves like that. The only advantage I can see is that it groups all the old Penguins together but as they are asking 5 quid a pop for even the most common of the old orange striped covers (just how many copies of D H Lawrence's books did Penguin shift before people discovered he wasn't really writing pornography?) that's not really of much help to me in my quest to buy every pre ISBN penguin for under £2 each...
I've just spent a little over a tenner online to buy three fictional ebooks.

The "tinfish run" trilogy by Ronald Bassett, being the adventures of a young Royal Navy signalman during WW2.

These were all written in the 1970's, I've only ever (many decades ago!) read the middle book of the three, so it'll be interesting to see how it all began and what becomes of him.
Two very book hauls today. First a couple of piano books from Abebooks. Anyone remember a TV series called Piano Can Be Fun, cos I don't. But one of the books is based on it.
Then I picked up a book on forensics from a charity shop. I find forensics fascinating.

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