Book Hauls!

From Bookmooch today. Its been a while since I read any Wyndham.

The Art of the Mandalorian (Season 1). I have posted in another thread that i still collect these style books. The Mandalorian was very good so it'll be great to look at some of the pre-production artwork. Looks like there will be other volumes too.


I also picked up "On The Front Lines" by Danny Wallace. Another large Star Wars book that looks into the battles of Star Wars. There is a lot of new artwork in this.

Went to an Antiquarian Book Fair at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Too rich for my blood; mostly very expensive first editions and such. Did get a three volume set of uncollected writings by Fyodor Dostoevsky for my better half, a big fan of that author, and a biography of Al Jaffee (best known for inventing the "fold in" for Mad) for me.
My Hardback copy of Alphabet Squadron: Victory's Price arrived yesterday.

Took a look at the special offers on Amazon kindle and bought Maskerade by Terry Pratchett for £1.99 (I’m slowly but surely getting the Discworld books on my kindle) The Fireman by Joe Hill and Walking to Aldebaron by Adrian Tchaikovsky for 99p each.

I might download the WH40k Horus Heresy books too, but that is quite a reading commitment.
I used to adore the Discworld novels and just stopped for no reason. They just didn’t interest me anymore. It will be nice to go back.
I used to adore the Discworld novels and just stopped for no reason. They just didn’t interest me anymore. It will be nice to go back.

Where did you get up to? Because I think Pratchett just got better and better. Night Watch is my fave and it's one of the newer ones.
An ex-climber dude posted a small strip of paper at the local gym selling all of his guidebooks to many places in the U.S. Even though they were beat up and written in, I snagged them up quickly!
I agree with HJ as to pratchett getting better, however, for me, Going Postal was the start of his decline.

I still contribute to the Orangutan Foundation (please look it up) in his memory.

I don't think I stopped because the quality dipped, i think the change was in me and wanted to read more SF rather than be entertained.

I'll do a big reread once i can download them all and I'll see if other forum members fancy a reread too.
I bought a few cheap books (£1.99 each) for my Kindle:

Hold up the Sky by Cixin Liu
Legion by Dan Abnett
The Black Legion by Aaron Dembinski-Bowden
For The Emperor - Sandy Mitchell (It's a Ciaphas Cain novel, so how could i refuse)
False Gods (Book 2 of the Horus Heresy) by Graham McNeil
A Thousand Sons (Book 12 of the Horus Heresy) by Graham McNeil.
LOL. I have a cunning plan... :)

I'm getting them as they're cheap on Kindle, they is always one or two of the HH books for sale. Once I have the set I'll start reading them in the order the Emperor wanted them read.
Can't wait to read what you think of that, Vince.

John Carpenter's The Thing is one of my favourite movies and I've been meaning to watch the original and read the story it was all based on.

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