Book Hauls!

From a charity shop today. Most of the authors are new to me.

My wife likes the Tony Hill novels by Val McDermid -- I keep thinking I'll read one, then don't. I really like Louise Welch's The Cutting Room, and the Easy Rawlins mysteries I've read by Mosley were good, too. On the whole, looks like a promising anthology.

Randy M.
Two review copies. These should be very good studies.
review copies 20 oct 2020.jpg

Dymer isn't well known outside the circles of major Lewis fans. It was his second book. It's a narrative poem that I have enjoyed in its own right, not simply as something for a Lewis completist to mop up; but it's not my favorite of his narrative poems. Get into those, here:

McBride's study is an effort to bring together material from Tolkien's books published in his lifetime plus posthumous books that relates to the theology or, if you prefer, the mythology of Middle-earth. I intend to get into it by way of a fanzine article from long ago called "The Singular Incompetence of the Valar" as well as by my reading of Tolkien himself. Does an examination of the evidence -- much of it not available when the fanzine article was published -- justify the charge of incompetence?

PLEASE, LET'S NOT GET INTO A DISCUSSION OF THE FANZINE ARTICLE HERE. If there's a discussion of it, let's please have it in the Tolkien subforum.
Sorry — I was rightly reminded earlier this year that all-caps looks like shouting. I just meant them for emphasis in my previous message, which I can’t edit now.
Not a big fan of spiders (shudder), think I'll steer clear of this one, love butterflies and moths through!
The complete Star Wars Cross sections.


I love the DK cross sections, but this one is a little disappointing as it has no gate folds. Some of the images run over three or four pages.
From A Certain Point Of View.

40 short stories set around The Empire Strikes Back.

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