Colleen McCullough

Tulius Hostilius

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Dec 8, 2014
I am still exploring the Forum, but when I saw a thread about Colleen McCullough I knew that I had to post.
I had read some of their novels, but as was stated here the "Masters of Rome" series is really a masterpiece. With ups and downs but a real historical fiction huge masterpiece.
I hate when an author or an editor call Historical fiction to a book that seems more alternate history or AKA historical research laziness and ignorance.

But Colleen McCullough did her homework, picked historical characters fill them with fictional live coherent with the historical data available, made plots and transports the reader to the final days of the Republic. She may have exaggerated on Caesar, the last book has not the same pace, but all are a truly remarkable historical fictional epic work that sometimes historians can’t achieve because they cannot fly to fiction and the fiction is essential to fill the gaps.
I also enjoyed “Song of Troy” albeit is not in the same level. Like annis said Each chapter as told from the point of a different main character from both sides of the conflict and the continuous narrator change is a challenge both for the writer and reader.


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Oct 8, 2013
I have read the Song of Troy and absolutely loved it and I'm currently reading the First Man in Rome which is very good so far. I've seen that there are seven books in the series so hopefully I have a lot to look forward to.