Newbie Gemmell fan


Magician Of Stew
Jun 9, 2005
Perth, Western Australia
Well I was looking at the library for a book and what I wanted was`nt there so I entered the world of Gemmell. Legend was great and then I read Echoes of the great song. He`s good hey? Any other fans that would like to lead me further into his realm?
There's a lot of Gemmell books out there, isn't there? :)

The recent Rigante series ("Sword in the Storm" is the first) is pretty good and is a bit more contempory period that his ealier works.

A good 'standalone' read is "Morningstar" but my favourite Gemmell books are the the "Lion of Macedon" & "Dark Prince" (because I'm a sucker for Greek mythology) and the "Wolf in Shadow" & "Last Guardian" (because I'm a sucker for post apocalypse novels too :) )

Here's a link to David Gemmells Bibliography
I loved Echoes Of The Great Song. Especially the Aztec kind of feel to the Almecs and the fact that their thunder clubs were guns. In Legend I was swept in by Druss and the Thirty and will definately continue to seek out all of his books.
The Rigante series is probably his best work to date

Generally all of Gemmell's books have teh same plot and theme, but I agree these are IMHO the best of them.

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