DISCUSSION THREAD -- July 2024 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@Cat's Cradle .... When it Failed .... A despairing last stand.

@RTGR .... Joy .... A new day, a new beginning.

@Guttersnipe .... The Un-Survivors .... Even if you get what you asked for, you may not be allowed to keep it.

@THX1138 .... It All Starts with a Beginning .... A refugee finds a dangerous haven.
Well time to get to work....

@Cat's Cradle .... When it Failed .... This is a story which moves from piety to personal sacrifice.

@RTGR .... Joy .... This is a story of a very good day in a very sweet way.

@Guttersnipe .... The Un-Survivors .... This is a tragic story of faith, fanaticism, and the problem of propaganda.

@THX1138 .... It All Starts with a Beginning… .... This is a story which waits for the next shoe to fall.

@Lacedaemonian .... The Great Unkende .... This is a story of endings and friendship.
Cat's Cradle: A dramatic consideration of the power, or lack thereof, of faith.

RTGR: A mysterious look into the mind of one with extraordinary power over our lives.

Guttersnipe: A provocative account of ambiguous miracles.

THX1138: A speculative look at rising and falling fortune.

Lacedaemonian: A poetic tribute to unending loyalty.
@Cat's Cradle I liked the longing for the prominent war and the courage

@Guttersnipe The religious and political focus was strong, and the conclusion with purity was very good

@THX1138 You managed to open several of my inner doors with this text

@Lacedaemonian A farewell that touches the soul

@Victoria Silverwolf Sensational. I stopped breathing for a moment
@mosaix .... Life Cycle .... A story where the protagonist gets exactly what he wants, and somehow that end is not all that satisfying.
@Daysman .... Quiet as the grave .... This is a story which takes us places where we are lost but think we are not.