DISCUSSION THREAD -- June 2024 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@reiver33 .... Kiss me, Pandora .... This is a story which lives up to its name and then some.
@reiver33 .... Kiss me, Pandora .... In this version of the story, it isn't Pandora's curiosity which causes trouble but rather her meek obedience - and she doesn't get kissed, either! Perhaps the title is a call back to a Shakespearean play, Cole Porter's version being called, "Kiss Me, Kate"?
@DaCrazyKat29 .... Run towards the Darkness .... This story reminds me of a classic novel "The Speed of Dark."
@Guttersnipe .... Prism of Hope .... A charming tale with a comforting conclusion, and which manages to encompass the full spectrum of visible light in one word.
@mosaix .... For Better, For Worse… .... A story of love and commitment that makes me tear up because I've seen such.
@Daysman .... Sunlight .... A story that paints a picture of a moody but appealing place to visit.

@Luiglin .... Together Alone .... A story which offers an interesting soliloquy with a last line that stopped me in my tracks.
@Starbeast .... Starbeast & Tonto the Talking Horse in “An Illuminating Idea” .... This is a story that will turn your bulb.