DISCUSSION THREAD -- June 2024 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

@Provincial .... Professor Binfire and the Dark Light Fright Night .... The Professor has had another substellar brainwave.

@THX1138 .... Yet, Again .... Another bright morning which someone has found impossible to appreciate.

@Cat's Cradle .... In the Privacy of a Suburban Home's Bathroom .... New 'Smart' technology can cast a light on all sorts of medical issues.

@Culhwch .... Metamorphosis .... Cometh the hour, cometh the man/glowing insect/leading society light.
Hi all.
I've just joined the forum today, with the intention of finally trying my hand at some creative writing. I'm feeling more anxious than I anticipated now it comes to actually putting pen to paper, but I suppose that's why it's a 'writing challenge'.
Anyway, thanks for having me. I'm off to write something!
Good luck, @Cooper_HFT! Try not to be anxious, you'll find support here. Take your time writing your 75 worder (plenty of days left to post).
Be very careful with your word count, check it a number of times before posting - 75 words for the story itself is an unyielding limit (entries over 75 words are, sadly, removed from the Challenge).
Remember, though, that your title does not count against your story's word limit! You can check out current, and older, stories to get an idea of what makes for a good title, if you're not sure.
Looking forward to seeing you in the Challenge! CC
@Culhwch .... Metamorphosis .... A story which helps me understand that we all have our calling in life.
Well I've rushed straight into it and I have a 75 word story, inspired mostly by being at work today. I've always found ideas relatively free flowing but acting on them has been another matter entirely.
I'm going to force myself to sit on it for a few days but it's hard to not just copy and paste it to the thread. Has the bug really bitten this quickly!
That’s how I play — on my second HOTAS now! Playing fleet battles in VR with a HOTAS is just indescribable joy. I’m lethal unless I have to fly for the Empire ;)
I don't have VR - I think if I had a decent HOTAS/VR setup, I'd start playing Elite Dangerous and you'd never hear from me again.

I actually bought my HOTAS (a cheaper one) with the intent of using it for Mechwarrior 5, but by the time it arrived I'd gotten too used to playing with m+kb and easily lighting up anything that dared to get in my way.
Welcome @Cooper_HFT you’re in great company if you need support and learning. Hope you’ll stay!
You're also in great company if you've given up on ever winning and get as much of a response from light-hearted comments in the discussion thread as you do from posting stories.
@Victoria Silverwolf .... Shadows .... It is a truth universally acknowledged, that the leader of a city full of light, must be in want of the respite of darkness.

@Cooper_HFT .... A captain's sacrifice .... A very visual piece of writing, in which both the light and the darkness of heroism are feelingly portrayed.
"Chryselephantine" seems such a clumsy name for art which is the embodiment of living light - although when you consider how many elephants must have died to make their contribution, perhaps the dissonance is appropriate.
@Christine Wheelwright .... A Shocking Near Death Experience .... A chuckle-worthy tale of humbling enlightenment in which scholarly hubris would have ended in disaster if it weren't for Matron and her trusty "School Defibrillator"!

@Bren G .... A Promise Made .... A portrait of an enduring love which burnt so brightly that death could not come between the couple.
@Peter V .... Naming Rights .... That's a bit unfair... like being christened Exxon and then being blamed for global warming...
@Peter V .... Naming Rights .... This is a story which made me grin, and then remind myself that grinning was not appropriate.