Good source of names by country/ethnicity


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Mar 27, 2020
I'm looking for a good source of names grouped by ethnicity/country. For example, I've had some luck looking for Sinhalese names by looking for Sinhalese baby names, but what I'd really like is to just open up a newspaper from Sri Lanka (say) and find a bunch of names, and look at the patterns. Do you happen to know of a website that does aggregations like this? Thank you!
Not quite what you're looking for, but I use Behind the Name quite a lot, as it can be searched by nationality and then further resolved into male and female names for first names The Meaning and History of First Names - Behind the Name

They also do surnames, The Meaning and History of Surnames - Behind the Name but I also google (well, duck-duck-go) and Wikipedia often has something, but there's also this site, if it's of help

You can usually get an idea of the frequency of surnames this way, but probably not patterns of use by eg class, caste or religion, and the same for first names, where there may well be an extra complication as certain names come into or out of fashion (eg Henry as opposed to Harry). In that case, if you find a name you like the sound of, it's probably best to research it a bit further.
@The Judge Both those sites are awesome! Thank you for the link @Laura R Hepworth !

PS. I looked for Khmer names as a test and Khmer Names - Behind the Name at least tries with 30 entries, and I'm most impressed that they chase some of them down to Sanksrit roots. For various reasons I'm going slightly deep into the spread of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs east of India and how that influenced names.

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