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Apropos nothing in particular.... There's a theory on the web that Apple stopped developing its self-driving car because they couldn't get the car's software to understand that when the driver entered their ident it wasn't a command to bump into other cars....
Apropos nothing

Apropos of Nothing always sounds like the hero of a satirical 1970s New Wave fantasy novel. "Apropos of Nothing, wielder of the Sword of Heavy Metal, friend of the bard Windhawk and sworn enemy of the Ion Lady Morgrot Tatchor, tyrant of Ingerlund..."

What's wrong with 'educated guess' or 'rough estimate'?

"Guesstimate might be considered out of place in formal writing. It’s often used to affect the kind of cutesy tone that is more likely to annoy readers than amuse them."

My emphasis. Exactly.
Another one from the world of football...
When two games are going on at the same time and a goal is scored in one of the games, they (the media) always have to put up an 'As it stands' table.
Well, actually, no it is not 'As it stands' because the points aren't awarded until the end of the game, it's more like 'this would be the table if the games finished with the scores as they are now'. Maybe 'predicted table'

Maybe I'm just being overly pedantic, but it still annoys me.

I've found the culprit (there were no games in play when I last posted), and the Grauniad's UEFA Euro 2024 Table, which has, for example, Portugal with two wins and one loss, in spite of the last game only having been in progress for 19 minutes and with no mention of "as it stands" or something similar.

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