Unusual genres and subgenres of books


Getting away with it
Sep 23, 2006
The edge of the world. Yes, really.
I’m hoping to find an as-yet-unobserved world of bizarre hybrid subgenres of books, which collectively might point ways towards some unknown far horizons of knowledge.

Here’s an example - I have a book called Exploring The Edge Realms Of Consciousness which lists on the back the genres “Metaphysics” and “Parapsychology”.
Never mind the book itself, I am interested in the genres being listed. Like anyone browsing in a bookshop seeing such a book is going to be persuaded or dissuaded because of “metaphysics and parapsychology” being indicated.

So, given such an example, what others do you know about?
The Expert at the Card Table by SW Erdnase.

There is about 120 years worth of cultish obsession, and hundreds of books plus a few films, directly and indirectly stemming from this single slim volume on how to cheat at cards.

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