Sci Fi novels featuring characters who were Inquisitors


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May 8, 2024
Looking for a series, probably 30-40+ years old, about a very complex interstellar civilization, some of whos members were called "Inqusitors", very powerful people who could order the creation of black holes to travel almost instantly. For some reason my old brain thinks A A Attanasio, under a pen name, but I find no evidence for this. Can anyone help?
Not inquisitors, per say; more like guardians of civilization. I'm referring to Heinlein's "mother thing" in "Have Space Suit, Will Travel." Her race tracked the 'bad aliens' and, after a trial, ended up giving their planet a rotation into another ?dimension?. Without their star.
In the course of the story, she takes Our Hero + Heroine from one planet to another as casually as you take the Interstate to the grocery store. No obvious black hole...
In "All the Colors of Darkness" by Lloyd Biggle, Jr., and its sequels, there is a superior race that tries to administer things, but is having problems with one of the other races... Our Hero is called upon to solve the problem. I seem to remember they used space ships of one type or another, but using teleporter technology to make them go.

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