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I bailed on the Dorothy L. Sayers book, just not my thing at all. What oh old chap, toodle pip.
Onto the next one in this volume, Gideon's Day (The first book in the Gideon of Scotland Yard series) by John Creasey who I'd not heard of.
by John Creasey who I'd not heard of
I only knew him as the writer of the 'Toff' books but he apparently used a lot of pen names
I'm just gonna bin it. I've ordered a copy of Fuzz by EdMcbain, which is what I bought this anthology for. Luckily I only paid 50p for it so no great loss
"Three Comrades" is a novel by Erich Maria Remarque. This book has been waiting for me for a long time.
Last night I read most of the January 1991 issue of Amazing Stories. I say "most" because it contained the first half of a serialized novel, and I don't have the issue with the other half, so I didn't read it. Of the rest of the issue, "Living in Sin" by Ian R. MacLeod was probably the best story.
I've found each book to be better than the previous, but I think I will have a break from them after this forth in the series. It will be good to have something that I know I can go back to. There are several characters that could be based upon real politicians, but the books I've read, so far, were written before some of them came to power, so either he has great foresight, or just isn't a fan of any politicians. I think I can guess the one you think the Peter Judd character is referring too though, except that Peter Judd does have a brain.
Finished The Great Hunt, book 2 of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

It was OK. Better than I'd feared, not as good as I'd started to hope. It was long, but mostly (to my surprise) it felt only 10-20% too long rather than 50%. A lot of it was enjoyable and some of it was very effective. The world was pretty well put-together and most of the characters were reasonably engaging.

There were two main issues. It set up some very intriguing mysteries, but most of these didn't even come close to being answered in this book. And though one of the plot strands (the B plot) had an exciting conclusion, the A plot and the C plots both fell flat at the end to me.

I'm in two minds about whether to continue the series.
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