A Rare Nova Explosion Will Soon Bring a 'New Star' to the Night Sky

I want to see this. I've never seen a Nova with the naked eye, but I think it will be too low down in the sky from the UK unless I stay up until early morning. It says it was seen from Ireland in 1866 but they didn't have as much light pollution then, and Corona Borealis is below Vega and M13 on the horizon. M13 is supposedly visible all night in a clear sky without light pollution. At dusk, around 21:35 (BST) it is visible 26° above my north-eastern horizon, and reaches its highest point in the sky at 03:47, 74° above my southern horizon. It is lost to dawn twilight at around 04:21, 73° above my south-western horizon. However, in the Summer, that window is going to become even smaller.