Where You Write *Matters*

Stephen Palmer

author of books
Dec 22, 2009

As a young, aspiring writer, I wrote only in my room, where all my rubbish early novels were written. That use of a dedicated room however continued until 2022, when for various reasons, including the gorgeous summer weather, I wrote inside a local church. Nice and cool. This was where I created I Am Taurus.

It turned out that the experience of writing "outdoors" was crucial to the whole thing. Writing, after all, is an experience, and that includes sensory experience. Recently I've taken to writing in a local tea emporium, which has been great fun. To my surprise, the noise hasn't bothered me at all.
Writing location is important!
I don't know about location as such but if there is anyone else in the house, even if they are 'leaving me alone' the muse does a runner.
I tried writing in the library for a while but it was equally hopeless. By the time you get there your mind is somewhere else altogether.
So home alone 10pm -3 am. It is the only way into the immersive writing zone.
I write anywhere and everywhere. Some of 'The Turd Prophecy' was written on a bike tapping into google docs on the phone. I don't think it's good but better than nothing. Never thought of writing in a church -great location, quiet and calm, suppose throw a few quid in the collection and it's fair to be scribbling away silently, great stuff (y)

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