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Cosmic Geoff

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Jun 14, 2012
I recently published a paperback edition of my "Half an Empire" on KDP. It soon went 'live' and the public can apparently order copies in UK and I assume elsewhere. But when I try to order author copies, the only 'market' available in the drop-down is Amazon. com. and the shipping to the UK is too expensive and the delivery time too long for my purpose.
I recall that another self-published author I know was complaining of the same problem.
Is this problem likely to go away in a day or two, or do I have to contact Amazon and hope they will fix the problem?
At the same time I ordered author copies of two of my other titles. I had no problem selecting an appropriate 'market', they were printed in the UK and arrived with commendable speed.
I have now complained three times but the problem is still not fixed. When i posed the question, they suggested that the problem could have arisen because I set as the primary market for setting the pricing, though I am resident in the UK. This however did not seem to have caused any problem with my previous titles where I set the paperback pricing in the same way.
I was obliged to order some retail copies in order to get them in time for a book signing in Northampton at the weekend. They should be arriving today. KDP say author copies can take up to 30 days to be delivered, which makes no sense when I can get the otherwise-identical retail copies the next day, and have actually had author copies delivered in two or three days.

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