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Feb 12, 2020
We just finished watching season 2 of Halo on Paramount (my son and I being huge fans of the game). Doesn't seem like it warranted enough interest to get its own dedicated series page here. Who else has seen it? And what did you think?
I never played the game but loved the series. Now a years wait till the next season. Sigh.
Oh, I forgot; I did watch both seasons. I thought season One was intriguing, but found season Two somewhat less interesting.
Still, looking forward to season Three.
I just finished season two. I definitely felt it went down hill from season one. I'm finding it difficult to follow all of the threads. They are related but sometimes the relation is a bit tenuous. I thought the season two final felt just like a video game. The victory that you thought you had doesn't really count for much there is something so much greater at the next level. I'll probably take a look at season three when it comes out but it's going to have to grab me. --- I also should note that I have never played Halo, and have never been much of a gamer.
Haven't finished season 2 yet, but having played many of the games I know where it's heading, which makes it easier to follow.

Having said that, the games were sometimes incredibly confusing when it came to the storyline and I doubt they were best known for their great storytelling. There's a lot of shooting in the games.
Thanks for your thoughts @Droflet, @Elckerlyc, @Parson and @Lumens.
I thought season 2 was flawed but promising at the halfway point, but it tailed off massively. I never minded that it deviated from the game lore / cannon, but can't really forgive it for being just so darn uninteresting. There are huge chunks of the season that felt like they were just treading water in the build up to the next big event. The episode on the snowy colony world where Riz stays back was actually rather good, in an ambient, offbeat kind of way.

But too much execrable dialogue, and the Ackerson character was truly hideous, both in concept and portrayal. So many missed opportunities, and one of the many modern sci-fi series that fall in the bracket of 'content' and not quality programming.

There would have to be some really sensational reviews to drag me back for season 3, although a resurrection is not impossible; just look at Picard season 3.

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