Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #53 (April 2024)

Come on PB, there's nothing wrong with votes. It's nice to be appreciated by people you respect

I agree, totally agree, but is that the motivation by which we measure our successes?

I spent a lot of time composing my post in response to one that the author has since deleted.
I suppose it could be.

Measuring success is a difficult thing. If one has self-doubt then how others react is probably important.
I’m trying to get better at this. I still struggle with thoughts along the lines of, ‘Well, I don’t think that, and I’m s**t, so why’re they worried?’

I do take the voting seriously— I’d like to make that clear in case it came across as throwaway. I unblock members I have on ignore so that I don’t miss their entries.

When I started training as a counsellor, I really had to apply myself to the idea that the conditioning I’d grown up with; (I’ll give ye something to cry about etc*) wasn’t something that I had to simply keep to myself but had to actually change. I’m still working on it (and won’t qualify for another 4 years so I’m confident I can do better).

Anyway I’ll leave it there as it seems redundant in light of what I was responding to.

* now I think about it, I rather like the idea of telling clients to man up :D
Congratulations @Christine Wheelwright another gem of a story. (I think I'm going to put these congratulations on my clip board so that I don't have to keep writing these month after month. You've become one of forces of nature in these contests.)

And congrats to the old master of these contests @Teresa Edgerton. When she writes something it is always worthy and then some of consideration.
Now, all I need is to think of a 75 idea. Has anyone got a spare one I can loan and ruin?
If I hadn't already written one, I would be considering a simple 3 paragraph tale in the format:

"In the beginning, there was ABC

In the middle, there was conflict XYZ

In the end, there was resolution QXC"

Just to make sure there's no confusion.

I've never won anything here, though, so use at your own peril!

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