Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #53 (April 2024)

1. Science fiction story for a science fiction genre contest - check.

2. A clear and unambiguous connection between the inspirational image and the story details and theme - check.

3. Spelling checked with spell-check checker - check.
Well I'm in. A bit rushed because I thought it was a 31 day month! Mrs Mosaix asked me this morning if I'd done my 300 entry. I told her I had another day. Not so! Panic!

Fairly happy with the entry except that just after the edit time elapsed I thought of a much, much better title.
It isn't even midnight BST, let alone GMT, and I seem to have posted an entry.

Give or take setting up the poll, I'll be twiddling my thumbs rather than scratching my head and wondering what to write. Most unusual.
mosaix: An ironic tale of unconsidered possibilities.

Teresa Edgerton: A dark fairy tale of crime and consequences.

Starbeast: A madcap mélange of weirdness and pop culture.

The Judge: A moving story of loyalty and sacrifice.

Swank: An imaginative science fiction yarn of communication and otherness.

Ursa major: A wry fantasy proving that vice is its own punishment.

Bren G: An evocative combination of mysticism and technology.


There was an unusually high level of quality to the entries this time. Voting was quite difficult, but choices must be made.

Peter V

Christine Wheelwright

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Hmmm. Difficult decisions this time round. In the end, it ended up as -

Top o' the stack: @Phyrebrat
Second: @Christine Wheelwright
Third: @Troyzan787 (would have been higher but for the typo.)

With an honourable mention to @mosaix for making me chuckle. I even heard the words in that accent. :LOL:
@Elckerlyc .... One Step Too Far .... A story which is filled with humor and reminds of something Dr. Who might do.

@chrispenycate .... I am Knot .... An epic story of love and longing for what can not come to be.

@mosaix .... There’s No Answer To That… .... A story that hit me between the eyes with its ending.

@Teresa Edgerton .... Untitled .... A story that opens up to a world of magic and lessons learned, or unlearned.

@Starbeast .... Woven Commemoration .... A story about a much wilder west than I want to visit.

@The Judge .... Dream Weaver .... A story with an ending so unexpected and sweet it makes an enduring memory.

@Swank .... Algorithm .... A story about truth being woven into a life.

@Ursa major .... SAGE .... A story which weaves music and magic in an unpredictable way.

@Bren G .... First Contact: A Colonization Story .... A story which weaves prophecy, luck, and science fiction memorably.


No story from me this month. I had too many granddaughter soccer games and track meets to find the time and when I tried to work on a story it was like my muse was away playing with all the boys and telling me to go take a hike.
No story from me this month. I had too many granddaughter soccer games and track meets to find the time and when I tried to work on a story it was like my muse was away playing with all the boys and telling me to go take a hike.
Instead of drinking Chablis from your Stanley coffee mug during the soccer games, you could have been writing!
My long list was way too long. There were lots of excellent, highly creative stories. Here then is my Short List and *** Top Three ***:

The Wool Spiders - Astro Pen
*** The Spider Queen - Victoria Silverwolf ***
A Question of Obsolescence – Guttersnipe
*** The Embedding – Daysman ***
The Osmosis of Ova – Phyrebrat
*** Exit Through the Gift Shop - Christine Wheelwright ***
Fashion Victim - M. Robert Gibson
There’s No Answer To That… - mosaix
Dream Weaver - The Judge
Thank you, Christine, for the kind words on my story, and for the vote. :)
My votes:
@Christine Wheelwright - such a full story (and strong characterization) in just 300 words--it feels longer!
@Elckerlyc - gives me that nostalgic feeling of watching a Doctor Who episode. I love a story that will make me nervous about a mundane household object for the next two weeks.
@Teresa Edgerton - vivid prose, and that oh-so-satisfying "SNIP"! Love to see a king get his due.

Honorable mention to @Cat's Cradle, whose detailed worldbuilding in the small word count really impressed me!
Half thoughts and notions, plus three favourites -thanks all for all the stories (and as always to the consistent reviewers).

Stored Away by @Cat's Cradle -Never have anything worth robbing and nobody'll rob ya.

The Wool Spiders by @Astro Pen -The Memory Trap

The Storyteller by @THX1138 -Learning to Fly

The Spider Queen by @Victoria Silverwolf -There was something arachnid in the way she walked.

Respect by @Rafellin -Granny was a good teacher Vote

by @Troyzan787 -The value of keeping records

A question of Obsolescence by @Guttersnipe -Does not compute

Unbreakable Connection by @Peter V -You look familiar

The Embedding by @Daysman -Machine learning

The Osmosis of Ova by @Phyrebrat -Top class opening line

Exit Through the Gift Shop by @Christine Wheelwright -A sales pitch ya can't ignore Vote

Without Reservation
by @Paul J. Menzies -She seemed genuine

mercede, n.payment, reward, punishment by @reebee -The real first lady

Lost for words by @Luiglin -The thing about storytelling Vote (also very inspiring, thanks)

Conquering the Most Beautiful by @johnnyjet -Great stuff, I reckon it could suit a longer tale too.

Fashion Victim by @M. Robert Gibson -'A coat that keeps you.' 'You mean keeps you warm?', 'No, just keeps you.'

One Step Too Far by @Elckerlyc -SMS messages from the great beyond, great story.

I am Knot by @chrispenycate -Fun to read out loud

There's No Answer To That... by @mosaix -Poor old Erich (was thinking the same thing though;)

@Teresa Edgerton -There's no teaching some

Woven Commemoration by @Starbeast -Mumble weed says he'll most likely to do the opposite what was agreed, though he's smart enough to do something else...

Dream Weaver by @The Judge -Knew full well what he was doing.

Algorithm by @Swank -The way home

Sage by @Ursa major -Keep the noise down

First Contact: A Colonization Story by @Bren G The importance of a towel

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