Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #53 (April 2024)

I honestly could not see myself entering but needed a distraction, so devoted an hour to what I expected to be me staring at a blank page. In the end I picked a name and wrote a line and the rest just kind of followed. It started out more than a little dark but I realised my protagonist was a positive and compassionate person that deserved something kinder. So I retained the basis and rewrote it - and feel much better for it. I am glad I haven't missed successive 300's and this will ensure I don't miss the vote this time too.
@Peter V .... Unbreakable Connection .... This is a story that weaves together an unexpected love connection.
@Daysman .... The Embedding .... Here we have a sad story of dementia and family responsibilities shunned which leave a lot of questions about the value of some things.
@Phyrebrat .... The Osmosis of Ova .... A story which deals in grief and death very understandably.

@Christine Wheelwright .... Exit Through the Gift Shop .... A Science Fiction story that gives us an interesting Fantasy twist.

@Paul J. Menzies .... Without Reservation .... A story that keeps twisting until you are the one who's been stung.
@reebee .... mercede, n.: payment, reward, punishment ,,,, a story which is a wonderful bit of original fairy tale with a moral well worth remembering.

@Luiglin .... Lost for words .... a story which might well be remembered for its folksy yet deep philosophy.
@johnnyjet .... Conquering the Most Beautiful .... A story that weaves the idea of objectively beautiful with dangerously beautiful with a good bit of skill. --- sorta like weaving.
I'm in. I don't know what got into my Muse this quarter because I actually had two ideas by lunchtime, one was to extend a previous 75 worder starting with a famous woven tapestry, the other a riff on Penelope continually undoing by night what she'd woven by day (those suitors must have been really stupid!).

Neither got further than the idea, though, and as usually happens it was only mid-afternoon when an opening line came to me that the writers'-blockage started to move, though also as usually happens, the story I ended up with wasn't the one I thought I was going to write when I got that opening line.

However, in the interests of readability and avoidance of "Yer what?!" I didn't include the word "syndic" which I discovered today, no matter how much I longed to use it!

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