Time travel books and themes

'The Time Machine' is a timeless classic that will probably stay relevant forever. Well, unless maybe in like 800,000 years, when humanity stops caring about stuff like culture, science, and technology...

IF I may offer a suggestion or two .:)

Morlock Night by K W Jeter This is a sequel to The Time Machine in which the Morlocks have gotten control of the Time machine and have turned all of human history into their personal feeding ground. :cool:

Map of Time by Felix Palma This book stars out as one thing and becomes something else al together is a terrific book and very difficult to put down He wrote two sequels to Map Of The Sky and Map of Chaos neither of which rises a beat. :cool:
@CAOM I've read it and it was too dark for me - especially the Morlocks.
@BAYLOR - really don't like the Moorlocks.....:)

Thanks re map of time.

George Pal who did the classic movie The Time Machine write sequel book to it along with Joe Morhaim The Time Machine II originally he was planning on doing sequel his 1960 film ive never actually read this sequel book though I remember seeing it now defunct bookshop. Pal wanted to do three films in all but never got the chance.
I read a Time Travel series years ago that is a bit unusual - Agent of T.E.R.R.A by Larry Maddox.
He is a proper arrogant git with a poor little pseudopod alien he telepathically controls.
(Good stories though)
Cliff Simak has a few novels and short stories that involve time travel. Try Time and Again, The Goblin Reservation or Catface among the novels, and among the short stories"The Birch Clump Cylinder' or "Gleaners'.

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