Space elevator story?


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Aug 26, 2023
There was a paperback I started reading around 2012 about a crew that was working on a space elevator. The crew had a deadline that wasn't being met. It was atmospheric and felt bleak. I want to guess it was scifi horror, but I could be wrong. There was an overarching "corporate" theme that there was something sinister going on behind the scenes but I didn't get far enough into the novel.
Check out "Free Fall" (2011) by William H. Keith Jr., "2312" (2012) by Kim Stanley Robinson (as well as his Mars Trilogy), and "Mercury" (2005) by Ben Bova, and see if any of those ring any bells :giggle:
It wasn't a space elevator, but a space conveyor. A continuous loop of ?metal?synthetic? rotated from ground level to orbit. And, there was an accident-- the belt was broken, and crashed down into a lake that was supposed to be in case of emergencies. I believe it was a story/serial in Analog magazine.
Did any of the stories listed include Our Hero climbing the emergency staircase up the beanstalk to get to a way station part way up?

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