Paul J. Menzies: A grim prophecy of oppression and rebellion.

M. Robert Gibson: A wry look at planned obsolescence and advertising.

nixie: An ironic examination of truth and falsehood.

holland: A chilling tale of time and identity.

Bren G: A sardonic account of communication and failure.

Phyrebrat: A futuristic allusion to horror and pop culture.

Elckerlyc: An intriguing prediction of selfhood and technology.

Parson: A biting satire of politics and misinformation.

paranoid marvin: A droll example of generosity and outdating.

Ursa major: A clever amalgam of achievement and wordplay.


Vote to Cat's Cradle.
Thanks THX1138 for the shortlisting and to holland for your vote.

My shortlist:

holland - bizarre and compelling, even though I don't think I fully understood it.

Victoria Silverwolf - well written (as ever), and inventive. I of course read Doctor Johnson's words in the voice of Robbie Coltrane (BlackAdder III: Ink and Incapacity).

Starbeast - crazy, funny story

Winner is Astro Pen. It's nice to see AI in a positive light. Or is it really a good thing for AI to be manipulating our emotions and relationships?
Hi folks, I voted for @Victoria Silverwolf because her story was a little golden nugget of perfection. However it was a close run thing with @paranoid marvin whose take on "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was my kind of observational humour.

Thanks for the entertainment, everyone! An excellent month's short-story reading!

Voted for Victoria.

Paul j Menzies
I see an errant 7 at the header of my post.

It’s driving the Chronnunity nuts as to what this means, so…

I add my favourite authors’ names to a list on my Notes app. It’s titled ‘75 votes’. When I copy/paste I must’ve forgotten to delete the ‘7’

Now there’s a modern myth for you!
I had one clear winner, Perspective by @Troyzan787 ...The future is bright, the future is overgrown.

After that it was very hard to pick, I really enjoyed:

Voices Not Forgotten by @Cat's Cradle The ultimate keepsake
The Median bears a massage by @chrispenycate Liked it for the wordplay
The Origin of Species by @BigJ ...it's all about the non-newtonian fluids
When Earth Cried Wolf by @emrosenagel Pesky AI, when will it ever learn
Picture not so perfect by @DaCrazyKat29 The Dimension is in the detail.
The Oort Witch Project by @Phyrebrat The Trans Neptunian Zone and a Witch in one story, happy days.

That typed the list is not exclusive so thanks all for the stories, and to the great work from review stalwarts @Victoria Silverwolf and @Parson -much appreciated (y)
Okay it's off to vote. I hope to be finished in time to watch a baseball game. (Checks watch. Ouch I only have 25 minutes, looks dubious.)


Lost in the Noise
by @THX1138 because of it's wonderful homage.
Earth Monthly Newspaper by @Starbeast because it was just so wild but somehow believable to some degree.
Numbered by @Daysman because it took the idea of media and made an interesting change in it.
What goes around comes around by @Luiglin because it is a bridge few stories have crossed.
Well, We Tried… by @mosaix because it's just too likely.
Ghosts of a Digital Past by @Bren G because life like media has a physical end.
What’s in a Life? by @Elckerlyc because it's a future too horrible to be imagined.

Voted for: Well, We Tried… by @mosaix

Drat! The game's already on.