The Muse sent me an idea on a post card.
And Starbeast sent the post card in the post after he'd posted his April entry. There really needs to be rules on time travel, especially for Harpo and Starbeast, but not me. I need all the help I can get, so I'll see you all yesterday.
@Starbeast .... Earth Monthly Newspaper .... A story which is bound to leave fix a grin on your face.

@emrosenagel .... When Earth Cried Wolf .... A story in which everything is predictable until it isn't.

@Daysman .... Numbered .... A story in which honor seems somehow perverted.
@bretbernhoft .... Color And Revelation .... A story which brings meaning and frustration to a life.

@Luiglin .... What goes around comes around .... A story which illustrates that no advance is a guarantee of dominance.
@Peter V .... Antisocial Media AKA In Your Face Book .... This is a story which is a cautionary tale. It's up to the reader to determine who and why.
I apologise for my spelling mistake on tesseract… I forgot to check the spelling before posting and only just remembered -…-
@mosaix .... Well, We Tried… .... A story that gives us a very likely outcome which gave me a chuckle.

@DaCrazyKat29 .... Picture not so perfect .... A story which reminds us all that little things can actually be big things.

@Paul J. Menzies .... So'rce Checked .... A story which reminds us that nothing is total when it comes to humans.
@M. Robert Gibson .... Amazing Concept No. 1962: The Holodisc .... A story which points out the fact that although technology changes that it's still true that the more it changes the more things stay the same.
@nixie .... Fake new's or is it? .... A story about one of those moments that you remember all of your life.
@holland .... B(l)ackmail .... A story that reminds us that our past wasn't all sweetness and light either.

@Bren G .... Ghosts of a Digital Past .... A story that makes me wonder about what lasts and what doesn't and why it's important.

@Phyrebrat .... The Oort Witch Project .... A story which makes us anxious to see what might be on our solar system's doorstep.

@Elckerlyc .... What’s in a Life? .... A story which proves that everything can be monetized.