Bodycam - any recommendations


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Jan 2, 2008
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I am looking into buying a bodycam, mainly for wearing while doing something I want to film like pets running towards me or wildlife in a field. A secondary purpose is for security/evidence, just in case. A few times a year I do some volunteer work on keeping an eye on moorland and people using it, so I finish up walking over to strangers and checking they are not about to light a camp fire or to ask them to put their dog on a lead/shorter lead as they are upsetting livestock. So far it has mostly been polite and friendly, with the odd "who do you think you are?" or father of the family stepping forward saying "I'll handle this!"

So what I am after is:
A bodycam that can also be mounted as a dashcam
One with a good wide angle of photograph
One with good audio pick up
Easy to turn on and off and know that it is running - some sort of light maybe
Low light/night function
One that copes with the wearer moving around - apparently there can be some sort of compensation for the wearer's movement, but not all have it.
At least six hours battery life and preferably ten hours for a good margin
Removable batteries so that I don't have to plug the unit it to recharge when it will obviously be unusable.
Nice to have - movement sensor so I can use it like a field wildlife camera as well.

I've so far been looking at a Boblov which has some of those things, but has built in batteries. Was hoping to order this weekend to have it for Easter, as that is my next volunteering time. The volunteers have been promised body cams and dash cams but there is some sort of hold up and it has all gone quiet. I was chasing earlier in the week and have decided to buy my own. I can always used the volunteer one when it arrives and keep mine for home use.

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