Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse (2023)

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Have only just started watching this, but so far it's pretty brilliant - I've never seen something go so out of its way so much to subvert normal storytelling! And yet it manages to retain a strong story with plenty of pathos. Looking forward to watching the rest over the next few days. :)
Watched the next 45 mins. Was only meant to watch 30 mins then have a mental rest, but OMG we reached Mumbatten and Hobie and that was such disruptive storytelling that I couldn't turn it off!
I've not seen this, yet. Perhaps i'll watch it as a double bill as Into the Spiderverse as a very good addition to the Spiderman stories.

Actually, i think this is quite a rarity in cinema as don't think there has been a bad Spiderman yet and i've enjoyed all of the movies.
Well, I thought it was fantastic, and some of the most unique storytelling I've seen since the Lego Movie - not surprising as it's the same writers behind it, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

But .... but.... But ... BUT: it's only a first part, ends on a cliffhanger, "To be continued..."!

Might be worth waiting until the sequel, Beyond the Spiderverse, comes out, so you can enjoy it all properly.

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