Star Wars: The Acolyte (TV series)

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
A new Star Wars TV series, which according to the Wikipedia entry actually has some thought behind it - we'll soon find out if it lives up to that aspiration!

Either way, it's set 100 years before The Phantom Menace - and here's the trailer:

Thanks for posting, Brian. Looks quite interesting.

Great to see Carrie Ann Moss as a Jedi.
I heard of this but had no idea it was about the Jedi Order. Looks like an interesting time period. I'm guessing yoda was around and several others from species that live for hundreds of years.
Really excited to see this one. I've read a few of the High Republic novels and comics, and while it's not all great there's definitely some interesting ideas in there about the Jedi being at their peak - but also perhaps too insular and overconfident in their superiority.

I love the dark tone this is promising, I do love some dark Star Wars.
I think Disney missed a trick in not creating content for adults.
I've been seeing a lot of negativity for this show. I must confess that i don't really care how diverse the cast is, i just want an engaging story, which i am hoping that this will provide.
Just bumping this to see if anyone has seen any of it and whether it was any good?