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Jan 5, 2001
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Netlix Dutch film with English subtitles.

In 2025, drilling in the north polar ice cap causes the release of methane, resulting in an ecological disaster. After extensive flooding the Earth becomes hotter, dries up, and almost everyone dies. In 2050, Nova, a 37-year-old fighter pilot, travels back 25 years in time, on a secret mission to save the future world from this environmental disaster, but a side-effect of the time travel turns her young again and no-one takes her seriously. There are shades of Greta Thunberg here, and there is a very strong message being promoted in a rather blatantly obvious way.

I found this was aimed at a much younger audience than myself. It only really had one original idea - that during time travel your body becomes younger. No real explanation for that, or how the time travel works. Inevitably, I guess, you can compare some scenes with ET or Stranger Things, as you have young kids being pursued by the military, just without the bicycles. There is also a comic relief robot of the No.5 or R2D2 variety called ADD.

In the present Nova is helped by a young boy, Nas, who on her return to the future becomes her partner (in at least one possible future anyway.) Nova is/was sent back in time by her mentor, Simon, who was the person who was responsibly for the arctic drilling, and who regretted it every day and night following. However, after failing to convince him once, she returns to the past again. A better idea, would have been for Simon to have returned. The time capsule seemed to fly itself, and he would have been the same age as his earlier self. Much more likely to convince himself than a 12-year-old, but also able to stand up to his controlling father, who was really the main problem here.

Anyway, they don't do that but try a less secret, Plan B instead. Does it work? Of course, there has to be a happy ending. Unlike the real World!

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