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Apr 13, 2018
Bit challenged here. Been asked to write dialogue/argument between two people (AI's?) who have opposing goals. Keeping in mind character, setting, mood, voice, relationship dynamic. Looking for ideas and inspiration. Was thinking almost pure dialogue with a little context built in. Something Sci-Fi or fantasy i.e. a bit weird and of course need a conclusion/resolution.
Nice challenge, prob an obvious one but as they are AI what about one is to terminate the other for an 'unauthorized' process. They bicker, argue back and forth, and it ends up the 'terminatee' decides to kill the terminator, who agrees it would be the best for AI in the long run. Best of luck, great writing group by the sounds of it.
Interesting concept.

My first thought would be to tell the story through the eyes of an observer who who will be directly affected by the outcome of the argument (life or death?). This would provide a human element, unless the observer is also AI...
Keep it simple. Use the goals for the SF content, come up with a simple relationship between the characters and then play it out. Keep in mind that people disagree in weird ways - they go down odd alleys and bring up unrelated past disagreements or favors to bolster their emotional argument.

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