(Found) Name of a Korean TV series set in Ancient Joseon shown a few years ago on Netflix?


Feb 15, 2020
A couple of years ago I remember seeing a TV series where the heroine must learn a ritual dance performed in shallow water. At the end, she performs the dance and from the top of a dome, the "key" they need falls out.

The hero is a human-like creature who is either blue skinned or bleeds blue blood.

If anyone has a clue as to the name of this series, it would be most appreciated!
Unfortunately, no mermaid, although I do remember the Legend of the Blue Sea movie.
This isn't going to help you but I find it hilarious.

Back when I was contracting (95ish?), I had a hotel room with TV. I was in Chicago and have no idea what channel but I caught a portion of an interesting show.

It was set in 15th? century Korea in a royal setting. I was very interested in the acting what I could piece of the actions and especially the scenery and costumes but something was striking me very wrong. Took me quite a bit until it jelled.

It was a telenovelas on a local Hispanic station all done in Spanish. With heavy or fake Korean accents.

I watched it for a few weeks. Never figured out anything more than bad/good guys but if was fascinating.