Dave Myers


None The Wiser
Jul 24, 2003
Okay. It's a fair cop. He's not a writer, actor or musician and maybe he shouldn't be mentioned in this forum but I always enjoyed his programmes. When I retired and decided to improve my cooking skills, Dave Myers and Simon King (a.k.a. The Hairy Bikers) were my go-to guys. Gordon Ramsey is probably a much better chef but I never felt I could attempt any of his creations. The Hairy Bikers, on the other hand, were a team that I really felt gave me ideas to try at home. Not only that but their shows were always interesting and entertaining.

The world of cooking won't be the same now that he's gone.:(

A friend of mine lost quite a bit of weight following their diet book. Dave Myers seemed like a nice chap, and was one of the few TV chefs who wasn't a fool or a gigantic w****r. TV needs more people like him: nice, competent people who aren't dickheads.
The boys have knocked out lots of cook books, so their authors to me.

The Hairy Bikers always felt real to me and with no airs or graces. Two happy blokes and good mates doing what they like, riding bikes and cooking. RIP Dave, you will be missed.
I'm watching classic Hairy Bikers on Dave, with Dave on.

They had a great on screen chemistry.
Yeah, enjoyed their series over the years. A couple of mates, and nice blokes, having a good time. Was heartened to see him, apparently, recovered in the latest series. Had not heard the news so it was a shock to see the dedication after the credits of the last episode.

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