Book with a cat as main character


Feb 3, 2024
I remember reading this paperback in the early 2000's where a cat was the main character and an outlaw. It reminded me of a western novel with how the book was laid out and what happened...shoot outs, abandoned planets. It was part of a series of books, that I gave away when I moved, a mistake on my part. I remember buying the books on, but that was so long ago, there is no history. I have searched many different books and authors. I don't think it is the C.J, Cherryh series and it isn't Discworld. Any help would be appreciated
Thank you, but that isn't it, but looks like something I will want to checkout. I want to say the series was published in the 1980's or 1990's and was a female writer, but I could be wrong. For the longest time I thought it was Robin Hobb, but that was wrong. There series was only 3-4 books
Thanks but not that one either. I am thinking it wasn't a well known/established author
Not sf, but you might enjoy Diane Duane's three cat wizard books, starting with The Book of Night with Moon.
The novels of Mercedes Lackey include several re-tellings of popular fairy tales, as well as stories in her own universe. Several cats appear, but not a lot as primary characters.