DISCUSSION THREAD -- February 2024 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge

I can't help wondering if some people felt shy of been seen to vote
Not at all ...quality work and hard to ignore a Unitaur. Decided to enter 'War of The Worlds 2022' from one of the threads here into the Dublin Fringe festival. Turned out that involved a ton of paperwork which robbed me of typing out a shortlist time -will add one later in the week.
Well done (y)
My story took a convoluted journey. I was reading a book (The Truth by Skylar Ramirez) in which there are "blenders." A blender is a person who slowly takes on the looks and the characteristics of the person/people they are continually in contact with. I found that a very original idea (probably isn't but it's the first time I'd run into it.) and thought about a very beautiful woman who married a very ordinary guy who was a blender and became extraordinarily beautiful himself. That got me thinking about how people's perceived value is related to their looks. In fact some call beauty "the gold card of value." However, Christianity teaches that beauty is a thing that is only skin deep, and that real value comes from the inside. Which made me wonder how someone who was ordinary would feel if all of sudden they were exposed to the kind of living that famous beauties have to endure. And that they often marry for the very same reasons that those of us who aren't blessed with this gold card of value. So I came up with my story "A Small Town Girl and the Curse of Aphrodite." I think the destiny part of it was not clear. The idea was that the two were fated to marry even if one of them suddenly seemed out of the other's "league."
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I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Stewart (he and Cary Grant are probably my favorite actors), and I've seen Destry Rides Again a few times... I remembered that Ms. Dietrich sang in the movie, and figured your story must all connect with that, TJ.
Ah, no, the story doesn't connect as such to the film, it's just the title that I pinched to make a pun, with the "Rides" playing on the fact the centaur and unicorn ride together in the circus ring.
I had wondered when reading your entry if maybe the lines were meant to scan to the melody of the song (I couldn't remember how the song went, terrible memory:)).
Congratulations Frenchy, ein entscheidender sieg! I got it immediately! (If not I'd've had my gay membership away)

Many thanks to @Graconis and @Bowler1 for the kind votes.

I voted for @Elckerlyc with a shortlist of @Graconis @emrosenagel

I was touched to get a vote from Bowler even though he wondered if he 'got it'. :D That means a lot. I'm not one for saying 'It means this' as I believe it's important to put our own projections/biases/prejudices on any writer's stuff, as I'm all about the gestalt rather than the bits and pieces. Something I've doubled down over the past couple of years.

However, as you twist my arm... I was thinking of the Mayan prophecy and how the planet may speak to us. And there was a reason for using the word 'till' instead of 'til due to its double meaning. I hope that helps :p
Apologies once again for not making time to vote. Incredible what do many of you achieved with a paltry sum of words. My shortlist:

@Victoria Silverwolf - Another Tale of Scheherazade - a truly beautiful concept and my vote this contest if I had a time machine.

Others I enjoyed:

@Provincial - It was in the cards
@Phyrebrat - Till The Mayan Soil
@emrosenagel - Destiny Over the Telephone
Congrats @The Judge .

Consternation at the genre made me forget the theme. I'm annoyed at myself for that as it could have been included with ease. Not that it would have garnered any votes or mentions. Romance only works for me if it is tinged with sadness or horror. I'm sure a psychologist could sum that up.

Anyways, what else does a halfling love move, than second breakfasts, but a good tankard of ale.
Well said, and well done! How big is that tankard?..