FEBRUARY 2024 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge -- VICTORY TO THE JUDGE!

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Romancing Queen Saidhb

Queen Saidhb was smiling contentedly in the mirror.

When Chancellor Risteard knocked:

‘I’ve been looking for you everywhere Queen,
The Galomp has announced your true love will arrive,
In this Omble Chamber tonight.'

Queen Saidhb had:
  • United the armies of Kerunnel
  • Defeated Vongar the Pernicious
  • Conquered all of Unmotopus
But she had never been in love.

So she begged the Galomp for help. It told her to visit the Omble Chamber. And wait for love.
Selective Editing, or: Potions Are For Amateurs

Help! I’m trapped in this shrinking time loop. I’d love to get out. Can you stop the loop? It was a spell from that witch.

Help! I’m trapped in this loop. I’d love to get out. Can you stop that witch.

I’m trapped. I’d love to get out. Can you stop that witch.

I’d love to get out. stop that witch.

I’d love to stop that witch.

I’d love that witch.

I love that witch.​
Happily Ever . . . Well, Eventually

From the moment they met, all signs indicated they were meant to share a love celebrated down through the ages.

And so they wed, in youthful lust and haste.

But after years of tumultuous marriage, when at last he stood—hand-in-hand with his true love, Rosalind—looking down at his wife’s coffin, he knew how deceitful the portents had been.

What began in love was doomed to become a legendary hate.
Love Crosses all Barriers.
The sea had taking her love. She had always wondered if they would be reunited, was there really a higher realm?
Where those who gone before waited to welcome you ?

She knew it was time to let go but what if there was no other side, only oblivion.

A shadow fell, a voice spoke “ come my love it is time” he held out his hand.
A smile appeared as she closed her eyes.
Love Looks Familiar

“A rabbit is no kind of familiar,” remarked Reginald’s new roommate, “you’d be better of stewing her for all the help she is.”

“Penelope is the only reason I study magic,” Reginald retorted.

He cradled the bunny in his arms, offered a handful of four-leaf clovers and murmured a newly-learned spell of undoing. Penelope nibbled, then her eyes shifted together and she stretched her now-human arms to embrace him.

“At last, my love!”
Destiny Over the Telephone

The Enemy shall fall by you — a note delivered by a courier, written by a scribe, foretold by a seer, destined by fate. "But I'm just one girl," I pleaded. "The Enemy is too formidable."

Nevertheless, years later I barged into his court, sword in hand.

And dropped it.

He's...unexpectedly cute. Wait, did he just wink at me?

"Hello there, my lady."

Oh dear, oh no. The Enemy shall fall for you, not by you.
Under the Clock in Grand Central


Startled, she turns. Her mark has somehow crept up on her unnoticed, but it’s obviously him; sporting a pink carnation in his lapel.

“John.” Destiny smiles. It is not her real name, just the perfect hook to snare a hopeless romantic into her web of lies.


Something about his eyes beguiles her. Makes her feel different, suddenly honest.

“Actually, it’s Louise.”

“Enchanted.” John takes her hand, smiling. “Quite literally, as we’re being truthful.”
One Fine Day While Gathering Mushrooms in the Fairy Forest…

“I hate you!”

Cendok stumbled upon the ambush, found her irate and wounded, her travel party decimated. He dragged her to safety.

“Why have you kidnapped me?”

For days he’d tended her wounds and this Princess Treemara of the Wood Nymph clan was questioning his motives. Typical royalty.

“I don’t have to go back.”

Over their long journey young hearts drew close. Before her castle they stood, hands and eyes locked. Passionately they kissed.
A Village Girl and the Curse of Aphrodite

“Don’t you love having Aphrodite’s blessing?” Asked plain Tom, Shelia’s childhood village friend and confidant.

“It’s a curse!”

“It’s not!”

“Not a curse? Just look at the driveling idiot who’s courting me. He’s the Prince, but he doesn’t want me. He wants my body. That’s not love. Before Aphrodite I had boyfriends, now I’ve lusty sycophants.”

“I love the way your mind works. Same time tomorrow?”

(Six months later.)

“Shelia, Will you marry me?”

Language of Love

Anne, and her husband, the dashing Knight, searched for the Fountain of Youth. 35 years had passed since she had left Paris, when they neared it. Just then, a Faery Wizard appeared. The Knight unsheathed his sword but was frozen by a magic spell uttered in a foreign language.

The Knight’s frightened eyes voiced his greatest fear– I promised we would be together forever..

Anne smiled. “I got this.” Addressing the Wizard, “Excusez mon mari..”

Love Can Be Bad for Your Elf

Oh Arwyn, how I love you! From your heaving elven bosom to pointy little ears that quiver when kissed.

My father says he doesn't care how I identify, he’ll ‘not let his boy marry an elf!’

But fret not, Arwyn! There’s a dwarf on Acorn Lane that knows the art. He’ll sculpt your features, modify pigmentation, lengthen femurs and quadruple your body fat, just so we can be together forever.

You’re booked for next Tuesday.
A Charming Tale

At birth the princess's fairy godmother foretells she will conquer all.

At 16 she and young Prince Charming fall irretrievably in love.

At 18 she is devastated by news of Charming's arranged engagement to another. Angry, she learns the art of combat.

At 20, disguised as The Red Knight, she enters the tourney celebrating Charming's impending marriage. Strengthened by love, she emerges victorious.

Her reward? Charming breaks his troth and they live happily ever after.
Bartered Bride Syndrome
“Your father was a good man, but impatient and pessimistic. To save our kingdom, he made a bargain.”
Berengaria scowls. “I was sold.”
“It isn’t unknown.”
“I won’t do it!”
“The ceremony’s a formality. A done deal.”
“And I’m done for.”
A courtier rushes in. “Lord Desmond, Your Maje—”
“Sorry I’m late.” The Dwarf Lord was much taller than Berengaria had expected. And handsome. “You can call me Des, but my friends call me Tiny.”

Runes cast, fate divined – denounce the past, my path is mine

Nobles pass, wonder why,

Mage and knight would choose to lie,

Hand in hand, eye to eye,

Disparate lovers ‘neath the sky.

Culture spurned foments hatred;

Blood he shed,

Her wisdom read,

“Wind and fire shan’t share a bed”.

Fate invoked,

Rank revoked,

Seek to scold,

What they can’t behold.

Love not seen, but rather felt,

Forged long before the day he knelt.

With every smile the flame rekindled,

Sometimes it really is that simple.

Thither and hither again​

According to the wizard, the last year had been one glorious adventure. Ham thought the barmy mage had been smoking something far too fragrant.

Throughout, the dream of her remained constant. For this stay-at-home halfling, she’d saved his life countless times.

Now back, Ham flung open the door of the Red Wyvern.

And there, behind the bar, his love, his life. He wiped away a tear of drool.

“Posie, a flagon of Scratching Hen please!”
Destiny Rides Again
They said that we were fated,​
Though we’d never even dated​
When they arranged to have us mated​
In the circus ring at dawn.​
The humans, breath all bated,​
Laughed and watched and waited,​
As we circled, fascinated,​
By chest and face and horn.​
Our captivity we hated,​
But ourselves were captivated.​
Love was there created,​
Passion swiftly born.​
Though the humans’ presence grated,​
Our courtship was truncated.​
Our love we celebrated.​
Centaur and Unicorn.​







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