Apocalyptic sci-fi with nanobots and enhanced humans


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Jan 31, 2024
Hi there, I am looking for a book I read when I was younger, approximately 18 years ago at the library (2006) it was a paperback.

The book seemed to be a apocalyptic, dystopian, science fiction with the main character and his close companions being thrill seekers.

they are the wealthy having nanobots and cybernetic enhancements, homes on the moon with defence shields protecting them.

The story followed one main character, I can't remember his name who is more of an everyman. It occasionally flashes back in time to the end of the world when earth was suffering extreme flooding and he had to be rescued off the roof of a warehouse. He had only survived by eating canned lychee nuts For days.

He and his friends would ride speeders across the toxic oceans being shot at by the poor people left to live on poisoned earth.

He has one friend who is typical alpha male and two more female friends all the same enhanced thrill seekers.

I believe the major themes were sacrifice, greed, immortality at the loss of your own humanity.

The story continues to where they get a call saying there's an unidentified satellite. A very old one moving back towards this side of the solar system

They race over there to check it out before the authorities. the main character ends up boarding the satellite and being knocked out. It turns out that on this old satellite there is a small community of natural humans, all living together off the nutrients of one large tree and gardens inside.

The main character realizes that these people must be saved. They tell him the tree and people are getting sick and that they won't be able to continue living there forever.

I get a bit foggy at this point

He realizes these people need to be saved. his friends are able to stop Moon Authority soldiers from destroying or boarding the satellite. They succeed in pushing the satellite back out into space.

I believe the book ends with him sitting underneath the great tree in the garden. either mortally wounded and bleeding out, or he slits his wrist and allows his blood to flow into the dirt. The nanobots in his blood healing the disease in the tree and people.

I have tried searching for this book a few times over the years. Fingers crossed someone else has read it