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Dec 8, 2007
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Fantastic Fiction has a book that I've read, World out of Time, listed as part of a trilogy called State, the other 2 being The Integral Trees and the Smoke Ring, but I can't see how its possibly related to those two books!
I haven't read the last two but they're in a totally different universe! More like Stephen Baxter's Xeelee series

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The story does not take place in Niven's Known Space. It does share the same setting as two of his other novels, The Integral Trees (1983) and The Smoke Ring (1987) as well as the short story "The Kiteman". All three novels feature the totalitarian interplanetary State, "corpsicle" personality transfers into mind-wiped criminals without civil rights, police-like enforcers called "checkers," and a computer artificial intelligence personality in charge of a ramship expedition that seeds life in other systems to prepare them for human colonization.

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"It is also the setting of two short stories, "Rammer" (which became the first chapter of A World Out of Time) and "The Kiteman" (printed in N-Space), as well as a stalled fourth novel, The Ghost Ships. After several years in development, Niven announced that The Ghost Ships would never be made and wrote The Ringworld Throne instead."

Hmm perhaps he should have finished the Ghost Ships instead of Ringworld Throne...

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