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Jan 24, 2020
Wales UK
My new novel Changebringer is out now on amazon

A world controlled by hidden forces

A weekend encounter draws Jonathan Stevens into a romance and a secret society with global reach. Initially appearing to be a local UFO cult the truth becomes far more sinister as he is kidnapped and forced to break off his romantic affair.
Starting in a deceptively pastoral English village it takes you on a journey to a modern technological world that works on different parameters to those we have always assumed - and toward a very different objective.


Several chronners have beta’d it for me and some touches on the wheel were made. Particular thanks to @msstice who gave a detailed and helpful critique.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how much beta readers who “Don’t usually read SF” have said they enjoyed it. That was my big hope for it, that it would win people over to our side, being broader based than most SF.
An SF/ techno thriller, with elements of romance, and international political intrigue.
(y)I'll try to sort the eBook within the next (busy) week. Going to give "Kindle Create" a try.
Was it difficult to reformat it for the ebook, as you feared?

(Congratulations on publishing it, by the way!)
Thanks Teresa.
It was a walk in the park with Kindle Create. (y)

I imported the MS (a word .doc) and it automatically stripped out all the page numbering and such. Also it was smart enough to recognise the word 'Chapter' and form an index even though I had only used a page break and a larger font for each chapter start.

I needed to cut off the front and back matter (you fill those in separately) before importing the body of the novel but that was all.
The only 'unexpected' was that the cover is not part of the process, you add that later during the KDP part.
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I knew that the cover was a separate part of the process, but I didn't know that about the front and back matter. Thanks for the information!
Sorry I realise that some regions have the eBook listed as 18+ This was a check box error and is being fixed (72 hours). While characters do sleep together and there are sexual references and implications they are not enough to reach that criteria. The book is er "safe for work" :cool:
I hope that didn't scare off any of the gentle souls on chrons. :whistle:
I found a minor typo early in the novel. An 'a' that should have been changed to an 'an' when I edited a line.
The corrected version is in the amazon pipeline and will be available in a couple of days. :)
Small achievements. First buyers review on Amazon UK. - 5 star. :) Chuffed about that.
I didn't know that reviews are 'local', i.e. UK reviews don't show on the US site etc'.
The local book shop has asked me for more copies.

I haven't done any marketing whatever beyond signings. 40 sold
People tell me I need a facebook page and an author page at a minimum.
What works for other chronners?
I can't help thinking of the last line of The Candidate (1972) "What do we do now?"