Glynis Johns

I remember her best as Maid Jean in The Court Jester. (Probably because I have seen that one far more times than any of her other movies.)

She had an amazing screen presence.
I think the first time I saw her was opposite James Stewart in No Highway in the Sky. She has a wonderful screen presence and a sound acting style.
It baffles me that she didn't become a more major star. RIP Glynis.
A wonderful, evocative voice - Miranda, Maid Jean, Winifred Banks. A long, full life. RIP.
I really appreciated Glynis Johns so much. What a definitive voice. My first memory of her is from Mary Poppins. I do recall her from Batman reruns in the 1970s. In the 1980's she appeared as Diane Chambers' mother in Cheers. In the 1990's I discovered The Court Jester.... and I was shocked to see Glynis as a young woman. I highly recommend The Court Jester. A very young Angela Lansbury and the fantastic Basil Rathbone also shine, but it is a tour de force by Danny Kaye. Anyway, I was thrilled to see Glynis again as Kevin Spacey's overbearing and insufferable mother in The Ref. How many actresses have the range to play the Danny Kaye's love interest and Dennis Leary's ban?, She was great for her entire career.
I did not realise that she was in The Court Jester. I will dig out that DVD. The pestle is in the vessel.

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