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Can't remember the title, name, actors or director of a TV episode or series in the worlds of science fiction/fantasy?
Then ask here! (We've now given them a forum.)

We welcome requests for series or episode names, but to help us with your query please try to provide as much information as possible:

Questions must have as much detail as possible, including:
  • Media (series, serial, black & white/colour )
  • Original year of release/airing, or at least when you have seen this work of fiction. "Saw when I was a child" is not as useful as "Saw when I was a child (early 1980s)"
  • Major themes
  • Plot (as much as you can remember)
  • Setting
  • Characters (names, descriptions)
  • Actors names
  • Director's name
  • The language spoken
  • Target audience/age group
  • Ideas that you have already ruled out (for example, if you know the TV was not shown on the BBC, then tell us so that we can save time)
  • Try to put as much information in the title to the post as is reasonable.
If you don't know the release date, was it colour or black and white? It may have been old when you saw it.

If you don't know the title, do you remember anything at all about the name i.e. "I think the title had a Tiger in it."
Everything you remember helps.

If it is eventually correctly found, please post again saying so (your thanks would be appreciated too) so that others can stop looking for it.

If you can identify something being searched for and you name it, please give the name and, if you wish, a link.
Please don't just say "here you are" and post a link.
There's more than one request in this forum where people have done just that and, years down the line, the link is no longer valid, leaving the query unanswered again.
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