Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #52 (January 2024)

@Guttersnipe .... Best Laid Plans .... Here we have a story that deals true with how the world can change in an instant, or is it milenium?

@emrosenagel ..... Marley's Marvelous, Mystical, Metamorphosizing Menagerie of Mostly Mammals but occasionally reptiles and birds and insects too .... Here we have a story with an incredible title and a sweet tale of kindness.
Rafellin: A slowly growing sense of menace is found in this chillingly realistic tale.

donrmontgomery: The clever way in which this combination of prose and verse is constructed adds to its whimsical appeal.

Culhwch: The characters in this quietly sentimental work are so familiar that the reader accepts anthropomorphism with ease.

Yozh: The shocking conclusion of this story is made all the more effective by its ordinary setting.

THX1138: The universal nature of human suffering is powerfully conveyed in this heartrending story.

Astro Pen: This charming account of bravery and perseverance is sure to cause a smile.

Guttersnipe: The sly humor of this comedy of mad science comes to a droll conclusion.

emrosenagel: In the classic fantasy tradition of the Weird Little Shop, this allegorical fable teaches an important lesson.
I thought of mice and the grain they can live on as soon as I saw the picture. Nice picture, Hb.

Good luck in the Challenge, everyone! CC
@JS Wiig .... A Mouse in the House .... This is a story of just desserts and Karma which still makes me smile.
@Lacedaemonian .... Epilogue ....
Lace reminds us that the end of a story
is not an end, and maybe a bit gory;
it's in some sense a beginning;
what comes later can be quite winning.

@cyprus7 .... Rhyme and Reason .... C 7 tells a tale which keeps reminding us that dressed up or not, a mouse is just a mouse.
@Luiglin .... Is the light on? .... Isn't it strange how the smallest actions can be so important?
@Starbeast .... Behind the Freak Show Curtain .... Apparently curiosity can lead you into some strange places and to some strange things. Best be able to run fast.
@Christine Wheelwright .... The Taxidermist .... A story that helps us understand what clueless to the tenth power looks like, even wrapped up in a sweet package.

@AltLifeAStory .... A Cheesy Dilemma .... A story about sacrifice, remembrance, and good friends.
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@M. Robert Gibson .... Time For Cheese .... A pleasant tale told in the style of a refined gentleman of leisure.

@Bren G .... A Labour of Love .... A story of love, friendship and perseverance in a family and it's final result.

@Stable .... Small Honour .... A bittersweet tale of love, honor, ordinary life.
Squeaked in on the last day. Whew!
Pun intended! I'm sure.

@Elckerlyc ... Mice-en-scène .... A story which reminded me that that help can come at surprising times and surprising places.

@Swank .... Succor of Time .... A story which makes me wonder if time really does heal all wounds.

*** Okay guys do all of you need to wait until the very last day? :p

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