Discussion Thread - 300-word Writing Challenge #52 (January 2024)


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Nov 26, 2009
A new year, a new quarter, and a new 300-word Challenge!

For your perusing and penning (or penciling) pleasure, we present some Fancy Mice, courtesy of Harebrain, AKA Bryan Wigmore: 300 Word Writing Challenge -- #52 (January 2024) -- READ FIRST POST!

As usual, the story thread will be locked until the 10th, but you can discuss all you want here in the meantime.

Best of luck to all!
Well, that's going to be challenge... Okay, then.

But after I finish writing this book.
I'll never forget how horrified I was when I first saw The Wicker Man and they burned the policeman to the same tune as from innocent childhood favourite Bagpuss. I hadn't realised it was a real folk-song.

I hadn't realised that, but having listened to it, it's unmistakably the same.
That image deserves horror. It screams lovecraftian nightmare. It deserves a touch of King, a smattering of Herbert, a bloody splash of Barker.
That picture is going to challenge me mightily. I'm far too much of literalist to see the symbolic possibilities in that picture.

(edit) Hm, that gives me a germ of an idea.
@Rafellin .... Baffle .... In a battle between species being able to coordinate completely with your cohort brings a very significant advantage. "Resistance is futile."

@donrmontgomery .... Fancy Mice .... It's an ode to mice and not to lice. A story so bold will never grow old.
@Culhwch .... A Quiet Reprieve From The War .... The deepest conversations are often carried out in the humblest circumstances.

@Yozh .... No Pets Allowed .... A story that reminds me that cruelty received often resulted in cruelty given, sometimes with unimaginable pain.
@Astro Pen .... P-awww .... A cute little story which teaches us that sometimes horrible change is something else.
My mind instantly went to anthropomorphic Victorian taxidermy, but I've already written a few stories on that subject, so I went with something more whimsical rather than adding that nightmare fuel into the mix.

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