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A sinister writer.
Aug 8, 2013
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hey, I have 'retired' from having a full-time job that isn't about writing, and I'm actively working on turning this 'writing' thing into an actual career. Part of that is to build social media engagement. I have a Facebook author page, and you can find it here: It is my intent to have things like group writing prompts, polls, discussions, maybe even a contest or two. Also, you'll get updates on the status of my first novel, The Werewolf Astronaut, which I'm currently querying to literary agents.
The title intrigues me, I'm gonna do a "Snakes on a Plane" question now.

The Werewolf Astronaut, Hmmmm, what's that about then?
An astronaut is bitten by a werewolf, falls in love with a cyborg who is inconveniently abducted by aliens, and is harassed by a werewolf hunter who is assisted by two people descended from legendary figures in horror.
So is the moon a thing? I just wondered if you are orbiting one is that like 24 hr werewolf and does any moon count, like extra planetary moons?
The moon is very much a thing. The aliens who have abducted the cyborg live on a planet that has a permanent full moon because of a trinary star system. Thus, to stop themselves from automatically shifting once they land, the werewolves must locate a legendary medallion that gives them control over the shift.

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