A dystopian novel about a meat industry that created a "cattle human" population to stay afloat


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Nov 26, 2023
Originally published in Argentina, translated to English later.

I kid you not I got ONE result on Google,
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Can you give us some more detail?
See the "request" sticky at the top.
This rings vague bells. Has it got a one-word title, like "Meat" or "Taste"?
Are you sure it wasn't written in English?

Sounds a lot like End Product by Barry Norman.

Some information here.

Set an unspecified amount of years in Earth’s future, End Product tells of a post-war planet where the globe’s black races have been apparently wiped out following years of racial conflict (known in Norman’s book as the Negro Wars). I say apparently, because instead of wiping out black people, the victorious Aryan races have come up with a grotesque plan. Over the course of a hundred or so years, they have lobotomised black people, rebranded them as ‘ediblacks’, claimed they are a different species to humanity, and proceeded to breed and factory farm them as a supply of meat and organs. In essence they have managed a state of total slavery whilst simultaneously denying that any such slavery exists; they are ‘farming animals’, not enslaving humans.